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  • Pod, yellow earrings
  • Pod, yellow earrings
  • Pod, yellow earrings

Pod, yellow earrings

Silver, enamel paint

Height of pod: 17mm


Jo Hawley See more by this artist

Jo was born in England and grew up in Wellington. She lived in London for several years then studied Art History and English Literature at Auckland Uni before relocating to Melbourne in 2000.

Jo has been making jewellery for many years and in 2012 completed an Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology - Jewellery, at NMIT.

Jo’s work is about the integration of shape, form, line and surface, the contours, proportions and scale, about interior vs exterior spaces, the play of light on the metal and the difference simple changes to surface treatment make to the feel or look of a piece. 

She is inspired by sculpture/sculptural forms and architecture/architectural details, by the materials and the monumentality of simple forms - regardless of scale.