Nadene Carr

Colour, texture, metal, textiles all excite me like a magpie to something shiny. Making something close to being awkward, slightly daring, is something that comes naturally to me. It's my style, I've become comfortable with it and now embrace it. I don't plan the outcome. The work evolves and develops into its own ending. Be it confrontational or slightly less, you either love it or hate it. But once you look closer you get drawn into a little part that captures you, just that one spot, later you might find another. I like to think that there becomes a connection to the piece because of this.

I use the enamel like paint, controlled but freely expecting its own outcome. Once baked it becomes hard, this can cause some interesting results.

There can be popping and cracking leaving chips on the copper.I love this as you get a sneak peek of the metal. The copper I have scoured through scrap metal yards with cutters finding the right pieces. Most have come from domestic appliances, giving them another life of bling. A narrative that continues.

When I choose the textile to go with the Enamelwork it stands out immediately. Part of me wants to play safe but most of me wants to go with what makes the work have an edge. That is what sings to me. I am a colourist and not afraid to push it to the limit.