• Green bean neckpiece
  • Green bean neckpiece
  • Green bean neckpiece

Green bean neckpiece

enamel, copper, textiles

Total length: 51cm


Nadene Carr See more by this artist

Nadene completed a degree in Visual Arts at Auckland University, and since then has been part of many exhibitions as well as the Handshake Project, which matches participants with internationally renowned mentors.

Her practice explores how far she can push the elements of beauty and ugliness, and how closely she can bring them together in one piece of jewellery. This duality and the point where they fade into each other is a constant consideration.

“Colour, texture, metal, textiles all excite me like a magpie to something shiny. Making something close to being awkward—slightly daring—is something that comes naturally to me. I don't plan the outcome. The work evolves and develops into its own ending. I use the enamel like paint, controlled but freely expecting its own outcome.”